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The Beginning of the Fall of America IV

The Beginning of the Fall of America IV


Professor Zaki Amir the invisibleman

“1989 brought about the creation of the Afrodescendant Nation which is inextricably linked or hand in hand with the Lost Found Nation of Islam. To say one is to say the other. Yes, you ask why that is the case.”

The LFNOI and the ADN is a unit, like husband and wife, right hand and left hand, the saying “Sugar and Spice” and so on.

“Even though it was against the law for slaves to learn to read, there were quite a few Enslaved people had many reasons to desire to read and to write. A literate slave could forge passes or free papers and these could aid a slave to escape. In fact, enslaved people forged free papers so frequently that free blacks with bona fide legal documents were often suspected of forging them.” Folklore: Some Useful Terminology (

We learned English from the slave master mostly by hearing because the legal system was against us learning how to formally read and write.

The story of an uncle was shared with you to show the necessity and value or reading and writing. Without it, you may have an uncultured life, but with it your life will be much sweeter, you would think.

Because he did not stay in the schoolhouse to learn, he had a life that was not much more than miserable and he made everyone he came into contact with miserable too.

Messenger Elijah Muhammad was a third grade graduate. Let it sink in, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was a graduate of the third grade.

He was even jailed for opening a school to educate Muslim children. His understanding of life and the accomplishments he had far surpassed any third grade graduate in my mind. Henry Ford Sr. was on trial by his children to prove his competence. On the witness stand, as the story goes, he said “I don’t have to have brains, I can buy the best brains” and he was acquitted of being out of his mind thereby forestalling the attempt of his children to obtain his wealth.

Afrodescendants, what is the legacy we will leave for our descendants? What you see under the administration of the Honorable Silis Muhammad is the legacy of Messenger Elijah Muhammad and of Master Fard Muhammad.

The Lost Found Nation of Islam is the only Afrodescendant institution standing exclusively for the rights of the Afrodescendant people. And by its having been born of the LFNOI, the Afrodescendant Nation is also the only institution that will stand unequivocally for the rights of the Afrodescendant people.

The reading and writing was what was mentioned. We read and read the one thing the slave master gave us to keep us under control. That was the “Bible” and today, we are more able to interpret it than the slave masters children.

We just love us some Jesus, John the Baptist and all of the Disciples, don’t we?

We attend worship services, some of us and get the spirit and whoop and holler over how they were treated but will not shed a tear over how we are treating ourselves today.

A friend and a Muslim brother sent me a video of some Caucasians jumping around and hollering as part of the worship service. It was posted online and I personally didn’t think it was funny.

Any person that has the desire to worship any form of a higher power should not be laughed at unless the higher power is a joke to begin with.

Exploration of systems of belief need not be a lifelong study. A popular song, “What have you done for me lately” is the litmus test for any deity. Some deities are made of stone, some of wood, some of iron, but the true and living God is Allah, a human being man who came to North America and brought such wisdom to one of us that we straightened up and acted like civilized people.

Do you as a reader deny that the practice of Christianity was given to you on the slave plantation by the slave master and is being reinforced by the slave masters children as a system of belief for you?

Look at the story of Moses and Pharaoh and compare them to you. They the people in the story were in bondage for 400 years. You as an Afrodescendant have been in bondage for 400 years. Add, to a strange people in a strange land.

The people of the book, the Bible were inside of nation of people who were serving a god that was not their God. Here is where you will disagree.

But don’t disagree, think and re-think and think some more. Be real or imagined, Kunta Kinte had his name of Toby forced upon him by his slave master. What the first generation of African men and women had was not what the second generation of African men and women had, which is the knowledge of self.

You have never for the most part been told that the slave master put our ancestors in cages and took the children that were produced and reared them without any knowledge of themselves. The only knowledge they had was what the slave master allowed them to have.

Is it any different today? The best way to become silent or to disappear as an Afrodescendant is to tell the truth. The records of how we have been murdered for standing up for what is right is more than hands have to type.

Take for example, Monday March 25 the complaint filed with the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights by the Equal Protection Project of the Legal Insurrection Foundation who maintain that the George Floyd Memorial Scholarship at Minnesota's North Central University violates Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 because it's only open to Black students.

Their complaint is that it "engages in invidious discrimination on the basis of race, color and national origin," which Chief Justice Roberts agreed with in writing the Court’s opinion writing, “[e]liminating racial discrimination means eliminating all of it,” adding, “NCU knows better than to run educational scholarships that exclude students based on race. NCU’s nondiscrimination policies absolutely forbid racial discrimination. Why isn’t NCU living up to its own rules?” George Floyd Scholarship For Black Students Is 'Wrong & Unlawful': Lawsuit (

The question is why are we as Afrodescendants still dependent on the slave masters children? Mr. Floyd was a victim of a violent murder which captivated the world, and he was an Afrodescendant.

Having a scholarship named after him to go to someone who is also an Afrodescendant should not be wrong. The fact that it is done by a “State” funded institution gives the federal government a say so, and that is what must be changed.

The entire campaign of the Honorable Silis Muhammad is no different than what the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad had, “Do For Self” and be independent. We have been handicapped by slavery and deserve special treatment. We are a special people and that will be the subject of Part V.

**** Announcements***

The Muhammad Speaks Newspaper is back physically and online as and can be viewed on social media platforms like You Tube and X formerly known as Twitter.

April 28th the annual commemoration of Black Holocaust Remembrance Day will take place in Washington, D.C. with the Conductor of the Reparations Movement Malik Shabazz giving the Keynote Address: The Black Holocaust Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

– Call 202- 505-1382 or go to X formerly Twitter @ Muhammad Speaks – for more information

National Reparations Convention will take place in Washington D.C. on May 17, 18 & 19 at Lincoln United Church (Shaw Community Center) 1701 11th st. Washington D. C. And don’t forget to text “Reparations” to 877-506-2184

Afrodescendants: Muhammad Speaks, online or in print is yours show your support through paper purchases and contributions to help Mr. Muhammad’s words reach us.

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