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The Beginning of the Fall of America

The Beginning of the Fall of America


Professor Zaki Amir the invisibleman

Volume 16 No. 3 with the cover The Beginning of The Fall of AMERICA the Honorable Silis Muhammad C.E.O. of the Lost Found Nation of Islam’s words printed in the centerfold 3rd column 1st paragraph says, under the subtopic The Nation of Islam is a Nation, not a Religion the following:

“Many people confuse church with the Nation of Islam. They say, “I’ve got a religion so I don’t need the Nation of Islam.” They think we are a religion. We are a Nation, just like America is a nation: a Nation of men and women with like minds, with one thought, one idea. In a Nation you have some of everything. In America you have your cooks, your president, your airplane pilots…Well, you can have that in this Nation. This is not a religion.”

In the 2nd paragraph he writes, “We use religion because you are religious,” and goes on to address the serious mistake that we as a people have taken in misunderstanding the divine work which took place our among us.

What you did see, but did not see, was “Hiding in plain sight,” a government operating inside of America for you.

The most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (peace be upon him) presided over the greatest economic entity exclusively built by those that were enslaved in America. Us, you and me.

He took the pennies, nickels dimes quarters, and dollars and stood on the word of what Almighty Allah God who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad had taught him.

Messenger Elijah Muhammad was successful in showing us and the world what we could do if we worked together. Still in the 3rd column of the paper, the last paragraph reads at the first line, “We are presently working on categorizing different Muslims. Those who are religious will be a category, those who are half religious will be another category, those that have no religion another category and so forth. Your nature is Islam and that’s why we say Nation of Islam.”

Stepping away from the newspaper centerfold, let’s look at real life. The fact that the Muhammad Speaks is in your midst once again should be a “Sign of the Times” in which you are living. We as a people are fine examples of superstition. You can argue if you like, but you know it is true.

For instance, there were Muslims everywhere saying, “Muhammad Speaks” get your Muhammad Speaks Newspaper. You young people don’t personally know that it was such a serious occurrence that when you were out of your house for shopping, and any activities, you would be presented with an opportunity to purchase a Muhammad Speaks Newspaper.

And the brothers would come to your house to deliver the newspaper to you. You really could not escape them or the presence of the Muhammad Speaks. Like the rain that does not come, it may drizzle, it may be a cloudburst and be sunny, we want to know, as you see the Muhammad Speaks become distributed again, is it a sign, and what is it a sign of?

Silis Muhammad is the continuation of Messenger Elijah Muhammad’s work among us as much as Messenger Elijah Muhammad’s work was the continuation of the work of Master Fard Muhammad’s work among us.

The work of all three men was the raising of consciousness of the conditions of us as a people; to bring about a change in our condition for the better. It’s that simple.

It’s in your collective mind. It is tangible proof of a line that is unbroken except for the 2 ½ years we saw it dismantled. We are alive as a Nation because of the bold move by Silis Muhammad on August 21st 1977 in Chicago when he declared spiritual war on his spiritual brother Imam Warith (Wallace) D. Muhammad.

1989 brought about the creation of the Afrodescendant Nation which is inextricably linked or hand in hand with the Lost Found Nation of Islam. To say one is to say the other. Yes, you ask why that is the case.

Mr. Muhammad explained that the Lost Found Nation of Islam was a government and not a religion in his centerfold as discussed in the beginning of this piece.

To reach our people who have no desire to be Muslim, the Afrodescendant Nation exists. You may have any religious inclination you choose. You may worship any and all ideas of religion, dare it be said, even “Devil Worship.”

Stop right there, Mr. invisibleman. Devil worship you say? We were told that the “White Man” is the devil who was created on the isle of Patmos in the Aegean Sea by a big headed black scientist named Mr. Yacub.

On pages 2, 5, 50, 68, 110, 127, and 267 in Message to the Blackman by Messenger Elijah Muhammad you’ll find information on Mr. Yacub.

Afrodescendants that attend church and those that do not will “Righteously” say, “We have Afrodescendant devils” and they are right in terms of the behavior they see us exhibit, but they are incorrect with the nature of themselves.

We are God, they are devil, but if the conduct is the same, for both people, how can the world tell the difference? Ask yourself, is our behavior just as bad as the people we are calling “devils”? And if so, what made us that way?

In addition, with all the intelligent Afrodescendants inside of America, why would they practice devilment, be devilish and follow the devil?

Critical thinking and analysis is nothing more than common sense.

You’ve read, James 4:7 from the Bible “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” Every time someone quotes that scripture to me, they take out or don’t even know it starts with “Submit” and it goes without saying that a Muslim is one who “completely submits to the will of Allah.”

Returning to newspaper column 3 of the centerfold, The Beginning of the Fall of America, the last paragraph the 4th line, Mr. Muhammad says, “I know you don’t know that your very nature is Islam, but that’s what it’s called, this feeling in you – the man, the woman in you. I’m not talking about the man and woman that walks around every day doing all sorts of things, I am talking about the person that’s in you, that you hear every once in a while. You know him, you know her – she is up there in the mind. You can’t see her because you (the column now becomes # 4) can’t see your mind. But that is Allah. If you listen, she or he will talk to you and will guide you properly.”

To say the white man is the devil and to act and do what he does is to say that you are a devil too. But in reality, it was the very reason for Master Fard Muhammad to come and separate us from the slave masters children to give us a Nation we could call our own.

As the title of this piece says “The Beginning of the Fall of America,” the only question is, if America is fallen has fallen or will fall, we as Afrodescendants will do what?

Obviously, we will fall with her. Do you agree with that thought, dear reader? Mr. Silis Muhammad’s creation of the Afrodescendant Nation is to reach out to those that have had their fill or are so tired of having “Jesus” put upon them that they don’t want to hear any talk about religion.

We do have a Nation for our survival. It is not a pipe dream, and sitting on the drawing board waiting to come to life.

Concluding this article, we return to where we started. This time, it is column 4 Muhammad Speaks Volume 16 No. 3 The Beginning of the Fall of America where Mr. Muhammad has written in the first paragraph, “Reparations is a Muslim program and has always been a Muslim program, but N’COBRA has it now. Congressmen have it now, because they feel that the Nation of Islam is dead. They feel that the Nation of Islam will not come back together; and the white man who runs the government, he prays that the Nation of Islam will not come back together. He makes a plan and Allah makes a plan, and Allah is the best of planners.”


The Muhammad Speaks Newspaper is back physically and online as and can be viewed on social media platforms like You Tube and X formerly known as Twitter.

April 28th the annual commemoration of Black Holocaust Remembrance Day will take place in Washington, D.C. with the Conductor of the Reparations Movement Malik Shabazz giving the Keynote Address: The Black Holocaust Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

– Call 202- 505-1382 or go to X formerly Twitter @ Muhammad Speaks – for more information

National Reparations Convention will take place in Washington D.C. on May 17, 18 & 19 at Lincoln United Church (Shaw Community Center) 1701 11th st. Washington D. C. And don’t forget to text “Reparations” to 877-506-2184

Afrodescendants: Muhammad Speaks, online or in print is yours show your support through paper purchases and contributions to help Mr. Muhammad’s words reach us.

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