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The Beginning of the Fall of America II

The Beginning of the Fall of America II


Professor Zaki Amir the invisibleman

Part I began with “Many people confuse church with the Nation of Islam. They say, “I’ve got a religion so I don’t need the Nation of Islam.” They think we are a religion. We are a Nation, just like America is a nation: a Nation of men and women with like minds, with one thought, one idea…”

The hearing of “He’s Coming Back” by Rev. Al Green of Memphis, Tennessee was encouraged at the end of the part I. Prior to becoming a Pastor Green sang secular songs that made him very popular.

Green is compared to a once in a lifetime voice of Sam Cooke and both recorded and sang secular and Christian songs. Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come,” arose from not being able to receive services like a white man. It is the unofficial Civil Rights anthem. On October 8th 1963 Mr. Cooke and his entourage contacted Holiday Inn North in Shreveport, Louisiana for lodgings. He was refused the right to reside upon his arrival based on him being a “Negro”. Upon arriving at the “Castle Motel,” in downtown Shreveport he was immediately arrested for seeking accommodations.

Mr. Cooke’s story was written up in the New York Times. According to folklore he was so moved by “Bob Dylan’s” song “Blowing in the Wind” an anti-racism song written sang and popularized in 1963, by a white man; he became ashamed for not having produced such an enchanting song himself.

“Blowing in the Wind” was added to his act. Hearing the words to Dr. Kings “I Have A Dream” speech in 63 moved Sam to write his classic “A Change is Gonna Come, with the words coming to him in a dream.”

To describe the song is say it is “Heavenly.” Musicologists given the go ahead to interpret songs, rhythms and all the nuances of musical expression in analysis have taken “I don’t know what’s up there/Beyond the sky to mean that Mr. Cooke did not believe there would be absolute justice on earth. And the ending verse where he asks for his brother to help him is a metaphor for what is called “the establishment.” As it finishes with “But he winds up knocking me/back down on my knees,” as a listener we are left wondering if the singer, who represents us, will ever receive justice.

Trying to stay on task as the teacher says to students, Volume 16 No. 3, The Beginning of The Fall of AMERICA the Honorable Silis Muhammad C.E.O. of the Lost Found Nation of Islam in the Centerfold in the 4th column the 2nd paragraph writes “I want to talk to you today about the fall of America. You witnessed some of it September 11th. On September 11th you witnessed the fever before the cold, or the fever before the flu. And he cried out – TERROR!!I wonder how many of my people felt TERROR when he had us on that ship, stacked two, three high stepping in our feces and urine. Many were thrown overboard. You could smell the ship before it landed - six or seven blocks out you could smell the stench of the ship. I wonder if your mother or your father felt terror or were terrorized.”

Mr. Muhammad continues with, “And then they were shackled 400 years, hung on a tree, lynched, burned at a stake, thrown down with their balls cut out. I wonder if they felt terror. America is receiving what she put out and there. You say, Silis Muhammad you should feel something for the people that were killed. I feel sorry, I’m a human, I regret those that were in the wrong place…”

Question: Are we in a wrong place today? We know the history of America and still we defend her, some of us anyway. Remember the campaigns of “Hands upDon’t Shoot”? I previously mentioned “Say Her Name” and at the athletic field we were led to “Take a Knee” as protest.

Answer: We have tried to live in peace with white America after having been all but annihilated by her government and some of her population that owned our ancestors.

Today, in this hour, we are not asking for accommodations in your restaurants, your hotels, your movie theaters, your arenas. We, meaning the Afrodescendant Nation which is an outgrowth of the Lost Found Nation of Islam, are demanding full and complete reparations with land that we can call our own.

We are not appealing to you the American government filled with the descendants of people that owned our ancestors. We are making our prayer to the world! Help us get justice and remunerations also known as “Reparations” for the evil wicked murder of us by this government that sanctioned terrorism night and day for 400 years that is still ongoing.

Guess what? When someone says guess what, it is always hard to get it right. On the subject of “Reparations” the invisibleman was visible at the hearing on Capitol Hill on June 19th 2019. What a “Farce” it was and there was a story written for the Muhammad Speaks to address the silliness.

Why study something that you know is true? If a mosquito bites you, you scratch it. You don’t stand around debating whether to scratch, you itch and you react. But if you scratch too much and cause an infection, you are in trouble.

America, we are not standing for your disappointment any longer. Thanks to the Honorable Silis Muhammad and Misshaki Muhammad and all of the students of Silis and Misshaki Muhammad University, there is a real movement in the land that is triumphant in presenting the reality of “Reparations” to the world.

Before it can be exported to the world by Afrodescendants, there are some small steps that must be undertaken. Here is a short list that you may refer to as nothing more than common sense:

1. Agree that you are an Afrodescendant

2. Sign up register and vote in the Plebiscite

3. Encourage other Afrodescendants to explore the Afrodescendant Nation’s plan for our survival.

Three simple acts will bring about a momentous response of success in the fight for “Reparations.” You don’t believe it is that easy to achieve success.

Review what you already know:

• After being declared free as a people we have less wealth than when enslaved or participating in the sharecrop system.

• Civil Rights written on paper are never real life.

• Racism is still a part of every major system that holds the American fabric together.

• Education from white universities and colleges because of integration has not bridged a racial divide, it has expanded it.

• Afrodescendants living safe in America is not true; we are more responsible for our deaths than the white man.

• Migrants seeking asylum illegally crossing America’s borders receive preferential treatment

There is no need to go on; you are intelligent enough to see that without our unity, we will just disappear as a people. Do you not see that there aren’t any skyscrapers we can point to and show our progress that is Afrodescendant owned?

**** Announcements***

The Muhammad Speaks Newspaper is back physically and online as and can be viewed on social media platforms like You Tube and X formerly known as Twitter.

April 28th the annual commemoration of Black Holocaust Remembrance Day will take place in Washington, D.C. with the Conductor of the Reparations Movement Malik Shabazz giving the Keynote Address: The Black Holocaust Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

National Reparations Convention will take place in Washington D.C. on May 17, 18 & 19 at Lincoln United Church (Shaw Community Center) 1701 11th st. Washington D. C. And don’t forget to text “Reparations” to 877-506-2184

Afrodescendants: Muhammad Speaks, online or in print is yours show your support through paper purchases and contributions to help Mr. Muhammad’s words reach us.

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