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Haiti Pray For U.S.

Haiti Pray For U.S.


Professor Zaki Amir the invisibleman

Originally, the second part of the series was to talk about Haiti’s liberator who helped them to become free of Colonialism. He is Toussaint L’Ouverture, a legendary figure in history. But consider this for a moment, every time the word Haiti is written if the first (i) is left out, it is spelled Hati which sounds correct, and is in actuality incorrect.

Allow the jump in time to what we see going on in Haiti and later, we’ll explore the “Great Liberator,” Mr. L’Ouverture.

Without doubt, you’ve heard the saying from people that attend church that “God put this on my heart” and they will proceed to give you their thoughts. It is really their thoughts that are being told to you, but they hide behind the divine personage of God.

When you’re invisible, there is no need to place authority of what you speak on an invisible entity, for that is how 99.9 percent of people in the world describe God; as being, a “Spirit.”

A Contemporary Muslim would not dare tell you that because we know that Allah God came to North America in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, praised be His name forever.

We are so very thankful for His coming to America and for His raising up Messenger Elijah Muhammad (peace be upon him) which put us on the straight path.

Their mind and the close relationship they formed produced the mind of the Spiritual Son, the Honorable Silis Muhammad, C.E.O. of the Lost Found Nation of Islam. He is one half of the Afrodescendant Nation’s Ecclesiastical Monarchy and Queen Misshaki is the other half.

You’ve heard of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland that is composed of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, haven’t you? The U.K. is a “Constitutional Monarchy” that has a Sovereign head of state. (The United Kingdom has never had a written constitution embodied in a single document. The foundational constitutional text used to govern it is the Magna Carta issued by King John of England in 1215) just a fun fact you should know.

Their Parliament is the legal apparatus that makes the laws and legislation that governs the populace of the country. America in her political theory has a legislative, Judicial and Executive Branch which handles the running of the government.

The Executive Branch (President) is elected by the Electoral College delegates and not the popular vote as most people think.

America’s legislative branch is elected, and her judicial leaders at the highest levels like the members of the Supreme Court are appointed.

Back to the U.K. where they have two houses of legislature; the House of Lords and the House of Commons. Until 1999 the House of Lord’s member was able to pass his membership of being a Lord to his son. In 2000 it was replaced with other mechanisms to be a member of the House of Lords.

To be a member of the House of Commons, you need 10 electors from the constituency you wish to represent nominate you and pay 500 pounds which you will receive back if you get more than 5% of the total votes in the constituency which you are running in.

To be elected into the House of Commons, when Parliament ends, the Crown or the Monarchy issues writs to hold a general election to get new members.

Sovereign Monarch and the Crown are related terms with separate meanings. The Crown is both the Monarch and the government. Generally speaking, its functions are done by Ministers of the Crown accountable to the Parliament or the three devolved legislatures.

Devolved legislatures only mean that for each part of the Kingdom there are legislatures that pass laws for their constituents. They are overseen by the Monarchy and the Crown’s Ministers.

The daughter of the U.K. is the U.S. whose legal system is made like hers without the benefit of a Monarchy or Crown, or a King or Queen. There are the three parts of the government which you know. American citizens using their power to vote for elected officials place them in office to govern.

Whew, almost to the real subject.

The Afrodescendant Nation is of the same configurations of government. It’s like both nations, the U.K. and the U.S. of which there was a brief explanation of its structure.

Haiti’s real story that should be told is what led up to this moment where citizens are walking its streets with weapons and it has been described as a “Crisis.”

What will the “Civilized” world do to help her survive? With talk of an African country sending troops into their sovereign territory it is like Alice said in the 1865 story Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, “Curiouser and Curiouser.”

The Mad Hatter Really said a really cool line to her, “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t.”

Haiti is a position of “Irreversible Momentum” and so are Afrodescendants. We have declared we have a nation for you. We have gone on record as having the same entities the two governments mentioned have, an Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branch of government, and a Monarchy.

Here are some ideas for you to ponder on as this piece comes to an end. When we were brought to America on the slave ships, was it the right thing to do for us? Was the intention of the people that brought us here to “Christianize and Civilize” us?

Was their actions supported sanctioned and all but in the vernacular, cosigned by the American government and the Christian God which American people overwhelmingly worship?

Answer it for yourself, are reading this, in your “Heart of Hearts” you ARE the answer.

The Kingdom of Almighty God Allah is before you this day. It is not time to wait and play anymore. The Afrodescendant Nation is for your very survival. You are being asked to decide how you want “Reparations” through a Plebiscite to record your vote.

We have gone “Beyond” now and have been born. J. Edgar Herod, oh, my bad, J. Edgar Hoover tried to destroy the child in his infancy.

We did not allow that. Not me, and not you, but the truth of us that has preserved us for this final battle known as Armageddon.

What was the purpose of Cointelpro? Research it and see what has been done to keep you blind deaf and dumb to the time in which you live.

We are in the process of “Ethnogenesis” and soon to be completely liberated from America. But not without what our ancestors gave their lives for and that is the reason that you hear “Reparations” being called for everywhere.

Will you allow history to repeat itself? We’ll explore the liberator of Haiti, Mr. L’Overture in the next segment, but you must ask yourself, why at this time are you even reading and hearing about a Kingdom where you will live?

Weren’t we royalty before our fall into slavery? Weren’t we wearing silk and charting the stars, as well as practicing the highest form of civilization ever recorded.

Decide this day who you will serve, won’t you. Shall you forever be an underling here in this country or will you participate in the Plebiscite and be a part of the creation of this heavenly Kingdom that you will enjoy while you are alive. You have paid the price with your ancestors to be in charge of yourself. It is time.

What people on this earth are better to say what is right than we who have been the most wronged? Our culture, language, system of belief, name and collective history destroyed. Basically, everything that made us what a human being is through the process of fear, forced mixed breeding and rape and the time spent here in this spiritual “Wilderndess” with no knowledge of self.

In Haiti they are standing up for their freedom with automatic weapons, and the world is shaking. It’s shaking Yall, the same little nation that shook off “Colonialism” in the Western Hemisphere is at it again.

You’re being asked to come together as one people with one voice. That voice only has to say to the world; you want to be in your own land.

Under your own flag with your own self. And it will happen. Mr. Muhammad said, it would be like, “Magic” but we know the magic is to have the courage to believe in self and kind.

Together we shall create this heaven talked about. In my mind, the song by the Rev. Al Green, “He’s Coming Back” is playing as the “Haitian Freedom Fighters” stand up.

What the world wants to do to Haitians has already been done once. They are Afrodescendants are fighting for their liberation.

(To be continued….Don’t forget to make some contributions to…uncompromising journalism, Uncompromising!)

Oh, one last word, BARBECUE…

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