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To answer the question, what was I feeling in August 21,1977, when I challenged Wallace D. Muhammad to resurrect the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, I wanted exactly what Messenger Elijah Muhammad wanted. I wanted to see my suffering and disregarded people rise up onto the world’s stage, governed by “self” again.


To all Contemporary Black Muslims, to the Afrodescendant Nation, and to all plantation slave descendants throughout the Diaspora--the Caribbean, Central, South and North Americas-- do you want to resurrect and reconcile with self-determination onto the world’s stage once again? It’s your legal right to do so.


“Resurrection” is the recapturing or becoming reacquainted with your original identity and spirit.  It is the mental or spiritual awareness or achievement of mind and soul while living.   In some of you it died “twice”!  Once during slavery when it was forcibly taken by the practices of the evil-natured White people through forced assimilation into schooling and Christianity.


Also, Contemporary Black Muslims (450,000) were caused to submit to the Orthodox religion of Islam or leave the Nation of Islam. Why did this happen?  It was your efforts that built the Lost-Found Nation of Islam!


The Last Messenger’s son Wallace Muhammad and family took over the Nation of Islam. I, Silis Muhammad, without knowledge, played a part in the family’s plan until I learned. The Last Messenger’s sons, except for one that I have knowledge of, were not with their father’s message. Absent the heart to tell the Last Messenger, I abdicated and went a far off rather than fight the family. My reasoning was that some of the Last Messenger’s teaching would still get to the people if I left but if I stayed my person would be a hindrance to the growth of our Nation.


In 1975, the Last and greatest Messenger died. That very day Wallace D. Muhammad and certain member of Messenger Elijah Muhammad’s family took over in bits and pieces, sprinkling Orthodox Islam. Later, he spread it in the Lost-Found Nation of Islam. He changed entirely the name to match with Orthodox Muslim Islam, (the second mental or spiritual death).


Are contemporary Black Muslims existing at the same time as are the old Orthodox Muslims? Yes! Contemporary means modern, new and up to date, not old.   


Messenger Elijah Muhammad did not teach us to pray as the Orthodox Muslims pray, not ever to my knowledge. He taught us to stand up as straight as a soldier, out-stretch up-right open hands to pray.


Messenger Elijah Muhammad’s son Wallace D. Muhammad taught his followers to pray the Orthodox Muslim way. Wallace D. Muhammad (the Imam) rejected his father’s teachings. But we, the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, and the Afrodescendant Nation are to rise again.

Our Lost-Found Nation failed due to the Orthodox Muslim teachings of Wallace.


The “Resurrection” is the general resurrection. The Last Messenger prophesied of it before he passed away. He told you saying, the Lost-Found Nation will fall; but, “it” will rise again and be even greater. He said: “There must be something that is wrong about the Mother city which all the scholars agree is Mecca.” See:

Message To The Black Man page 189 paragraph 4 Misunderstanding and Misinterpretation 


Messenger Muhammad said also, in his letter to his beloved son Wallace D. Muhammad who taught the Orthodox Muslims religion; “if they built such Mosque to aid whites to be believers against my own people, who they had never offered to build a shack, I would fight against them with every truth I knew.” Orthodox Muslims believe in a sprit Allah. Master Fard Muhammad taught and proved “man” is Allah, God. Allah, God is the Truth. See Holy Qur’an chapter 22-6).



Further, in his letter to his beloved son Wallace D. Muhammad said he “I am sorry that I ask Jamil to teach you and your brother. For I do believe if I had not allowed him that which will stand forever such as believing in Allah as one God and believing in the scriptures and his last messenger of who I am, and not Muhammad 1400 years ago. I am the messenger of the resurrection of the dead”.


What were the feelings in 1977 August 21, when I challenged Wallace D. Muhammad to resurrect the Lost-Found nation of Islam; and later, the Afrodescendants nation in the general resurrection? Your eyes can see, both are plantation slave descendants. The time is right for the “general” resurrection. Will you accept it?


I was and am resigned from the White world as one of their “underlings,” and am altered to live or die on the Last Messenger’s words. I believe I am right. My speech is with facts. $10, 000 to him or her who can prove with facts that I am wrong from hence fourth May 5, 2021. Facts are those things that one can tangibly see or a reasonable woman/man can understand from some circumstantial evidence.  



The Bible, the Holy Qur’an were prophecies. The word “were” is used because the Books are now ending-- fulfilled!


The Books are of a suffering people in bondage, under a king or government for four hundred years. Afrodescendants have lived through that. It’s an actual fact.  It’s our lived history.


The evil natured White man fulfilled the prophesied evils. Why should “not” this suffering people be “resurrected” from their mental slumber-sleep before America and England are destroyed?

I am

Silis Muhammad

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