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Why Reparations Part II

Why Reparations Part II


Professor Zaki Amir the invisbleman

Afrodescendants are talking “Reparations.” Are Afrodescendants listening is the question. Knowledge of self and kind and other than self is enough to know that America and its government will never give into the demand of giving “Reparations” to Afrodescendants.

Oh, invisibleman, you are so wrong. No, the invisibleman is so right. At the writing of this piece, former President Donald Trump is going about his merry way trying to assume authority to “Make America Great Again.”

America only achieved her greatness due to the enslavement of our ancestors. What nation could compete with her with her labor free?

Gross National Product is the amount of money thought to be generated in a particular time period by the residents of a country.

Missing from the definition of GNP is the word owned. Our ancestors were owned by the fore-parents of the Caucasians living today.

Therefore- parents owned our ancestors as slaves. It must be said that not every Caucasian owned our ancestors. The American government was the accomplice of the slave owners.

She wad complicit in all of the evil her citizens were responsible for with her laws to keep our ancestors from receiving their “Human Rights.”

The Afrodescendant Nation is the government the American must answer to for the deaths caused by its citizenry. America, you allowed our ancestors to be enslaved.

Not only did the government allow enslavement of our ancestors, it was the law. Businesses were made out of selling us.

Banks financed voyages across the Atlantic Ocean; insurance companies insured ships and our ancestors was its cargo.

Slave traders and auctioneers made a living out of selling our ancestors and the slave catchers made money tracking us down and bringing us back to a living nightmare.

The various unions that existed would utilize their labor and pay them nothing. So sinister has the operation of the white man in America been, he enlisted his religion to sanctify his wickedness.

We were told through Christianity we were “Heathens,” and needed to be Christianized and civilized. America, you kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered our ancestors. And they were labeled the “Heathens.”

Afrodescendants not only did our little children not go to school; they were forced to do labor and were used as alligator bait. Not little children, new born babies were used as a lure for alligators to be caught to make bags purses and shoes.

Dr. Antoinette Harrell known as a Peonage Detective discovered that, “In 1923, a publication in Times Magazine reported from Chipley, Florida that black babies were being used as alligator bait, continuing with, On June 3, 1908, the Washington Times reported that a zookeeper at the New York Zoological Garden baited alligators with pickaninnies. Pictures, postcards, and other trinkets were sold to commemorate this evil, dark practice”

Dr. Harrell added, “Children suffered and continue to suffer cruelties such as sex slaves, forced child labor, physical abuse, and in some cases, human cannibalism in the United States. These cruelties are a big part of human trafficking where body organs and other body parts are sold to wealthy people. These atrocities, abuse, and modern-day slavery will plague America like an incurable cancer until we address this ugly past.”

The Lost Found Nation of Islam and the Afrodescendant Nation are addressing it. Is America the land of “Milk & Honey” or the land of slavery and death for Afrodescendants?

Mr. Trump is more of a “Teflon Don” than the late mobster Johan Gotti ever was. Going into office for his first term, he was talking about feeling on women, and while in office he was charged with paying “Hush Money” from his campaign coffers to a star of pornography to keep her silent.

He is charged with other crimes and is trying to have it declared that he has some type of “Sovereign Immunity” when he is in the office of the President.

America is a joke, and if you still have faith in this country, you are fooling yourself. She has never loved you and never will love you. It is time to leave from her and become part of the Human Family once again. The day when she could dominate the world is behind her, and it was over July 4th, 1930 when Almighty Allah God in the person of Master Fard Muhammad to whom all holy praise is forever is.

March 2nd in Greensboro, North Carolina, Trump stated, “On day one, I will sign an executive order to cut federal funding for any school pushing “Critical Race Theory,” “Transgender Insanity,” and other inappropriate racial sexual or political content on to our children.”

As wicked as America has been to Afrodescendants, how do you even have the nerve to register and vote? How do you explain to yourself that one white man is any better than another white man?

Okay, it must be admitted that without the help of some whites, we would still be enslaved in chains on a slave plantation. Are you going to say Abraham Lincoln, set our ancestors free?

Lincoln’s words that tell the whole story, he cared not for our freedom, but for the preservation of the Union of States. His idea was to send us back to Africa. Had he lived, maybe that’s where we would be, but it is difficult to imagine with knowledge of self, Africa is not our original home.

Reparations are the issue that is before us. We must pursue it for our ancestors chased by hounds, bitten by the whip of a lash and whatever the slave master could think of to get them to work for them while they stayed idle and supervised.

Soon we’ll introduce you to a “Modern Day” Abolitionist. And there are whites that will help us achieve Self Determination and full and complete reparations.

Research Reveals That Black Children Were Fed to Hogs and Used as Alligator Bait in the Early 1900s (

**** Announcements***

The Muhammad Speaks Newspaper is back physically and online as and can be viewed on social media platforms like You Tube and X formerly known as Twitter.

April 28th the annual commemoration of Black Holocaust Remembrance Day will take place in Washington, D.C. with the Conductor of the Reparations Movement Malik Shabazz giving the Keynote Address: The Black Holocaust Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

– Call 202- 505-1382 or go to X formerly Twitter @ Muhammad Speaks – for more information

National Reparations Convention will take place in Washington D.C. on May 17, 18 & 19 at Lincoln United Church (Shaw Community Center) 1701 11th st. Washington D. C. And don’t forget to text “Reparations” to 877-506-2184

Afrodescendants: Muhammad Speaks, online or in print is yours show your support through paper purchases and contributions to help Mr. Muhammad’s words reach us.

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