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Irreversible Momentum

Irreversible Momentum


Professor Zaki Amir the invisibleman

“Haiti is in a position of “Irreversible Momentum” and so are Afrodescendants. We have declared we have a nation for you. We have gone on record as having the same entities the two governments mentioned have, an Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branch of government, and a Monarchy,” are words from Haiti Pray for U. S.

Writers are interesting characters as are film makers. Today we have to deal with “Artificial Intelligence” which is so scary that it is not funny. By getting a likeness of a person, a snippet of their voice, it is possible for the artificial intelligence software to create something that is not real. It is real because the creator that made it caused it to exist. Whether it is to entertain, persuade and give a point of view that may or may not be true it is real.

A person could say life is pretty simple. You are born, you reproduce and you die. To have only that thought is to negate the truth. There is a higher power. 99.9 percent of the people on the earth believe the divine personage is a spirit.

A Contemporary Muslim does not accept that teaching. A person practicing Contemporary Islam accepts the fact

Master Fard Muhammad came to America, and taught Elijah (Poole) Muhammad the truth about God Self and devil for about three years and four or five months and departed.

Messenger Elijah Muhammad (peace be upon him) represented what Master Fard Muhammad taught him about God Self and devil to the entire world. Did he not?

Every other sentence Messenger Muhammad would say, “All praises are due to Master Fard Muhammad” just like a man in love with a woman. Nobody understood this phenomenon but the “Special Child” who is the “First-Born,” the “Spiritual Son.”

Silis Bell became Silis Abu Bakr was “Baptized” with the name Muhammad from Messenger Elijah Muhammad. Check the definition of baptism; it is to receive a new name, not just to be submerged into water as part of the baptism.

“Irreversible Momentum” the title of this piece is the battle in the streets of Haiti being compared to the battle of the very souls of Afrodescendants in America.

What a strange way to talk about the “Great Liberator,” Toussaint Louverture; but if anyone can do it, it’s the invisibleman.

After Vincent Oge’ a Mulatto led an uprising in 1790 in Haiti was captured tortured and executed, France acquiesced to the demands of freedom from the Affranchi.

They were emancipated Mulatto slaves, only the majority of European Haitians on the island were in no way accepting of loss of social and financial control.

Pause: does this remind you of any people anywhere? If it doesn’t then here is a “Spoiler Alert.” In a U. S. history class, titled the Civil War, as the Professor, a Woodrow Wilson scholar was talking about all of the deaths that occurred in the “Civil War” your brother, the invisibleman began to cry.

(Death totals: 750,000 – 504 deaths per day - % of U.S. population that died – 2.5 equaling 7 million people today – 2,100,000, Northerners mobilized – 880,000 Southerners mobilized – 40,000 white soldiers never identified – 66,000 enslaved men unidentified – 2 out of 3 deaths were disease related- 4,000,000 enslaved people in 1860- 180,000 descendants of Africans – 1 in 5 men died – 3:1 Confederate deaths to Union Soldier deaths – 9:1 descendants of Africans died due to disease and discriminatory medical care – over 100,000 Union Soldiers found as part of federal reinterment program from 1866-1869 – 303,356 Union Soldiers reinterred in 74 National Cemeteries by 1871 – O Confederate Soldiers buried in National Cemeteries) Civil War Statistics | Facing History & Ourselves

After a few moments of crying, the thought manifested itself inside of the invisibleman’s mind, that’s white folks dying. And it became clear that although being an invisibleman, the outside of the invisibleman is an Afrodescendant.

The crying stopped and so did the thinking of the misery of the U. S. soldiers. There was no cheering over their deaths, but there was an understanding that the Civil War was as Mr. Silis Muhammad would later reveal in one of his lectures 30 odd years ago, we as Afrodescendants received a “Semblance” of freedom. But as you can see from the numbers, we fought for it too!

The dark skinned Haitian people in the 1790’s thought they were equal with the white Europeans who had come to the island.

White is only used to emphasize color, because we as Afrodescendants had a time when we were able to “Pass” as white to achieve the so-called “American Dream.”

Rachel Dolezal did the reverse and pretended to be Afrodescendant to achieve the American Dream.

Unfortunately, some Afrodescendants still believe that “White is Right” and go through bleaching to make them more like whites in skin tone. (Back to Haiti)

The Europeans were in positions of power in Haiti in 1791 and in August of 1791 another revolution begun with France sending L’ger F’elicite’ Sonthonaax to quell the uprising of 1792 in historical records.

Arriving in February of 1793 L’ger F’elicite’ Sonthonaax used the offer of freedom to entice the slaves to fight the Spanish.

Toussaint Louverture fought with the Spanish against Saint Dominique Royalists and later joined the Republic of France against Spain before finally fighting against France for independence.

Louverture broke with the Spanish army in May 1794 for their refusal to free their slaves in the eastern part of Hispaniola like L’ger F’elicite’ Sonthonaax had done when he enlisted the slaves to fight with France. With war in Europe, Spain needed to concentrate on the home front. Spain gave the rest of the island to France.

Sounds simple but it was complicated. The Treaty of Basel would be signed in 1795 another two years.

Let’s take a moment to look at a War.

War is never decided in the first battle is it? Two opponents enter an area for their fight and they walk away with a complete victory. No, war is not like a soccer, football, basketball, or boxing match.

When a war is fought, it takes time to decide to go to war. There is a lot of posturing, a lot of decisions to be made, on how to do what. From the recruitment of troops, transportation, armaments of some kind, strategy has to be developed to ascertain how to defeat the enemy.

War as you know involves a lot of people and is not easy to start or resolve once it gets going. European powers were very close to each other in Europe; different tribes if you will grant the simplicity.

English the language you are reading is a “Bastard” language made up of all other languages that ever existed, even so, in a group of people, they generally have a common ancestor.

Unfortunately, as a group of people, dare say a race of people, Afrodescendants, we are an amalgamation of Africans, Indigenous and Europeans. We really are a true new people upon the earth, and we are at war.

Ethnogenesis is the beginning of a new nation of people on the earth. Haiti was going through birthing pains and she was giving her “Master” ____. And rightly so, who wants to be controlled by other than self?

The treaty of Basel is really more than one treaty. It was actually three and you can discover it at Treaty of Basel in 1795 - Yahoo Search Results. The second treaty on July 22nd was the one that ceded the eastern two thirds of the island Columbus had called Hispaniola to France letting Spain keep Gipuzoka which is the smallest province in Spain today. It has 709, 607 residents and 88 municipalities and sits on 764 square miles of land. Its capitol is San Sebastian.

Afrodescendants, as you can see, there is a lot to talk about with the subject of Haiti that must continue this series. What should be apparent to you, dear readers, just look at the size of this town, and ask yourself, with the 49.2 million of us here in America, where is our town we control?

Better yet, we should ask the question, where is the country of our own. Part IV will be about Haiti and Afrodescendants, as the turns to Self Determination and a land we can call our own.

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