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History of Abraham

History of Abraham

By The Honorable Silis Muhammad

Truth is, a man came to North America and taught the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, another man, the truth about the history of the earth. And he also taught him about you, the truth about the white race, and truth about the Bible.

He said that we sent Moses to the Caucasian race when they were still in caves – the Caucasian race. He said they were the only people that accepted Moses or Musa: Moses – English language, Musa –Arabic (they mean the same thing). We sent him to Europe, not Egypt. We sent him to the hillsides and caves of Europe and the only people that accepted his teaching were the people today called Jews.

Jews are nothing more than Caucasians who married in and among themselves, so they look a little different than the typical Caucasian, but they are Caucasian. Know that. He taught them. He, Musa or Moses, taught them, thinking – hear me? – thinking they were the children that served four hundred years in slavery.

He taught them that they must return to their original land. This was four thousand years ago. That’s not long. The Jews know well their history. Caucasians in the U.S., Caucasians in Europe, know well their history. They can go back to four thousand years ago when they were civilized. They have only been on the planet for six thousand years. They are little children compared to you, compared to how long your forefathers have been on this earth. Over Seventy trillion years compared to six thousand. It’s like a grain of sand.

Musa, or Moses, thought they were the children who had spent four hundred years in slavery and he taught them that they must return to their homeland, or Promised Land. Those who accepted Moses, or Musa, some of them, began to gradually move back into Palestine, which is where Abraham is from. No, no, no – correction. Abraham is really from Mecca, Arabia, but he migrated to Palestine, and he lived in Palestine. That’s where he had Ishmael, in Palestine. Keep me on track here. I don’t want to give you too much, yet I don’t want to give you too little.

You remember when Abraham migrated to Palestine, Sarah, his wife, couldn’t give him any children. His wife already had Hagar. Since Sarah couldn’t give him any children, she told him to go to Hagar and get children. Hagar was from Egypt, and he got Ishmael through Hagar in Palestine. When Ishmael was born, Sarah became a little, well, she was a woman, and she told him, “Hagar’s got to go.” He directed Hagar to his home, where he was from, in Mecca, Arabia, but he was at that time living in Palestine. Now I’m through with that.

The people, the Caucasian people who accepted Musa or Moses teaching, began to gradually migrate back to the East, and they got far as Jerusalem and some other area around Palestine. A little over three thousand years ago, Musa, or Moses came to them and taught them civilization when they were coming out of the caves.

Don’t confuse me with a preacher. I’m a teacher.

They migrated back as far as Palestine, particularly Jerusalem, a little over three thousand years ago. They were run out of Palestine or Jerusalem a little over 750 years ago. Yes, run out. Muslims ran them out because they didn’t belong in Palestine. Well, they had gone further Palestine by that time. I’m walking fourteen hundred years ago, at the time of Prophet Muhammad. After Prophet Muhammad, the Caliphs ran them out of Palestine.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus (of thousand years ago) was on the scene. He was on the scene in Palestine. He was on the scene in Palestine at the same time the Jews. They had migrated back there a little over three thousand years ago.

Honorable Silis Muhammad

Posted by Hasan Salaam

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