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Born & Raised in Spooky Beliefs

Born and Reared in Spooky Beliefs

Those are words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (peace be upon him), describing black people. We were taught religion by the slavemaster. We believe that a snake talked. We believe a woman gave birth without being touched by a man. We believe Jesus was somewhere in the clouds. The Christian preacher would quote scriptures to prove he was correct.

When you accepted Islam and went through orientation. Your instructor told you that all of the above is false. He said there was no proof that a snake talked. He said it was scientifically impossible for Mary to be impregnated by a holy spirit. The scales were being removed from your eyes. You started your first steps of being resurrected. You were given knowledge over belief.

The Jews have told the entire world they were in bondage for 400 years. They even made a movie. The proof they offered was the scriptures. As a Muslim, you realized that they were in error. You didn't just accept them quoting scriptures. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (peace be upon him), didn't accept it. He said “There are no historical records that there was ever a people lost from each other for 400 years other than we, the so-called Negroes." MTBM, page 20, 1965

Quoting scriptures doesn't make you correct. It has to have happened in life. The Honorable Silis Muhammad uses the term “the real book of life”.

If you are going to quote scriptures. You have to have evidence of it occurring in life.

The Jews said Moses came to them in Egypt. One of the requirements for a man to be Moses. He had spoken to God face to face. There are no records in Egypt of a man claiming to have spoken to God.

The scriptures said face to face as a man speaks to his friend.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote “A man questioned me the other day when he said, "You mean to say that you talked to God face to face?"’

The Book of Matthews says a man came from the East to the West. A man did come from the East to the West starting in 1910. Now it isn't just scriptures. It is a fact.

Muslims keep saying the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (peace be up to him), is alive. They quote the Holy Qu’ran. They quote the Bible. They even use the words of the Messenger. What proof do you have to back up your belief? It had to have happened in the real book of life. Muslims are still holding on to some of those spooky beliefs. If you have ever experienced your parents slowly die. You know that life is real. My mother in the end was a shell of herself. As early as 1970. It is said that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (peace be upon him), had to stop and catch his breath. Just to walk up the stairs of his home. One person who saw him in the hospital in 1975. He said he had lost so much weight. It appeared he had sunken into the sheets. I experienced that with my mother. Wali Bahar knows the man whose eyes he closed was dead. Emmanuel Muhammad knows that the person's body that he washed and got ready for burial. It was his father. The coroner who wrote the report. The same man who handled Sister Clara. He knows that man is dead.

Stop quoting the Holy Qu’ran that he appeared dead. That doesn't prove your point. Stop quoting the Bible. That Elijah went away on a chariot. That doesn't prove your point. It had to have happened in a real book of life.

”My work is to bring you face to face with God and to do away with spooky beliefs. ” Honorable Elijah Muhammad (peace be upon him ) 10/19/57 Pittsburgh Courier

Written by Hasan Salaam.

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