Dedicated to Freedom, Justice and Equality for Afrodescendants. Intent on receiving Reparations for 250,000,000 Afrodescendants world wide. The so-called African Americans, who are by definition, Afrodescendants which means the descendants of slaves, throughout the Americas and Carribbean, and today are at the bottom of  economic and social strata of the countries in which they reside.  These slave descendants are demanding Reparations, Restoration, and Repatriation to a country of their choosing. We are also demanding our human rights be restored, namely, our language, culture and original religion which were completely obliterated through the process of enslavement. The Honorable Silis Muhammad authored the Blueprint for Afrodescendants or so called African Americans, and presented it to President Obama, The Pope, The Joint Chief of Staff which demanded that America pay Reparations to its ex-slaves so that they could become an independent people. The Blueprint is included in this website and the petition is included for all those who want to know and add their signatures to demand Freedom, Justice and Equality to our people.