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Rankin County Mississippi II

Rankin County Mississippi II


Professor Zaki Amir the invisibleman

Fait accompli is a French phrase that means an accomplished feat, or the completion of an act of some kind. Part II implies that it would continue with information from part I and end the story.

In most cases, it would be true, but this is the Muhammad Speaks News online and your writer is the invisibleman. You may be assured it is not going down like that.

Hunter Elward, Brett McAlpin, Christian Dedmon, Daniel Opdyke, Jeffrey Middleton, and Joshua Hartfield comprised the “Goon Squad” in Ranking County Mississippi. Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmitt Martin III, Desmond Mills Jr., and Justin Smith, comprised the “Scorpion Unit” in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lt. DeWayne Smith, a supervisor in the SCORPION unit on the scene at the time of Mr. Tyre Nichols's murder retired the day before an administrative hearing could take place in which he was expected to be dismissed.

The first crew is Caucasian, and the second crew is Afrodescendant. Both cases involved Afrodescendants as the victims of egregious behavior at the hands of law enforcement officials. Mr. Nichols was killed as a result of murderous treatment at the hands of police.

Mr. Jenkins survived attempted murder along with Mr. Parker who no doubt is traumatized for the disgusting unlawful treatment he received. Both incidents happened in January of 2023.

The former Officers of the Scorpion Unit are still awaiting trial and the members of the Goon Squad are being sentenced. However, the real story is justice in America should rightly be called, “Injustice” “Unjustice” or “Below Justice” or something like that for Afrodescendants.

February 25th 2024 at Muhammad’s Temple, the Honorable Silis Muhammad threw down the “Gauntlet” with this statement, “The whole wide world is in big trouble today. A world Savior is prophesied, expected to be born. Is it Louis Farrakhan, or former President Trump, or President Biden, of the United States of America, or me, Silis Muhammad?”

Does your mind comprehend what he said? In plain English, he said that there are four men on the scene in America today and one of them could be the Saviour to the world. This thought went over the heads of those that heard him or it would have been broadcasted all over the planet earth.

With the advent of Easter 2024 just ahead and the talk of the “Resurrection of Jesus” why did Mr. Muhammad make such a provocative statement? Yes, as the news cycle showed brilliantly, the Rankin County Sheriff’s Deputies got their day in court with apologies and cries and forgiveness by one of the deputies to their victims.

Hasn’t that all happened before in this country? Amber Guyger the police officer who murdered Botham Jean got a hug and forgiveness from his brother and a Bible from the Afrodescendant Judge presiding over the case. Do you remember?

Ms. Bland of the “Say Her Name” campaign was killed with the pretext of having committed suicide in her cell with a trash bag over being arrested for a traffic complaint. We have not forgotten Ms. Breonna Taylor murdered in her home in a hail of bullets.

Afrodescendant men women and children dying wholesale at the hands of the children of the slave master, just like their fathers did before them. We should be too through with America. Don’t you agree?

Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray and the list adds up until you realize Afrodescedndants in America have never and will never receive “Freedom Justice and Equality” or come close to being equal with the slave masters children.

Mr. Muhammad’s lecture Strange Fruit A Bitter Crop brought us face to face with the reality that we’re the fruit of the song, and it is ongoing.

 Strange Fruit

Billie Holiday:

Southern trees bear a strange fruitBlood on the leaves and blood at the rootBlack bodies swinging in the southern breezeStrange fruit hanging from the poplar trees

Pastoral scene of the gallant SouthThe bulging eyes and the twisted mouthScent of magnolia, sweet and freshThen the sudden smell of burning flesh

Here is a fruit for the crows to pluckFor the rain to gather, for the wind to suckFor the sun to rot, for the tree to dropHere is a strange and bitter crop

Songwriters: Lewis Allen


Modern Day Abolitionist Ida Hakim asked a question, and it is asked of you dear readers. What is the end that is envisioned for the Afrodescendant Nation? What you answer is must be consistent with truth.

A paradise has been promised for those that overcome the evil of this world. Some people on earth who say they believe in truth will tell you that there will be a great gathering of the “Saints” in the sky.  

Most recently, at a memorial for a man who had lived a good life, he was said to be awaiting the union of those that were in the memorial service to join him beyond the grave. Recently a lady lost her sister and she expressed the thought that her sister is waiting for her on the other side.

To each his own, but the truth must be made known. We as Afrodescendants were sold a bill of goods as the saying goes. Nobody has returned from the other side, not even Enrich Weiss, known as Harry Houdini who promised to make contact every Halloween. He has not followed through on his promise.

Rankin County made history when the Sheriff’s Deputies were convicted. The men who murdered Tyre Nichols are awaiting trial. Afrodescendants are at risk and in fear of their lives being taken every minute in this “Criminal Injustice System”.

Have you forgotten the scenes where whites were enjoying the hanging of us? Have you forgotten the trophies and cards that were made to commemorate such a heinous act as setting us ablaze and them bringing their children to watch such beastly behavior?

 Afrodescendants to do exactly what the Honorable Silis Muhammad asked us to do which is to 1. Speak the truth perfectly as we know it. 2. Practice righteous conduct without spot or blemish, will guarantee us heaven.  

Fear not, you need not be a Contemporary Muslim; the Afrodescendant Nation is for you too. It is your birthright. You are already a member because you were stolen and brought to the Western Hemisphere for the purpose of slavery.

Our time is way past over to be servants to anyone. The scriptures said, we would be hard hearted stiff necked and rebellious. Unfortunately, it is with one another.  We don’t want to heed the truth when it comes from one of us, do we?

Afrodescendants come explore the true teachings about yourself and make a decision on whether you want to always be in need of a protest march, a bill from Congress taken back before the ink has a chance to dry, leaving you right back where you were before the bill was drawn up and passed. Look at your track record in America and decide if you want another 400 plus years of working for the descendants of the people that killed you and laughed in your face.

The convictions of these offices and naming streets and parks for those Afrodescendants murdered do not change the past or the removal of Confederate statues from prominent places to storerooms.

Come partake of Black Holocaust Remembrance Day to honor your ancestors for the sacrifices they made. They live within you.

Mr. Silis Muhammad is bringing to you the Plebiscite for you to decide for yourself how you want “Reparations.” Muhammad said it would be on the lips of everyone, is it not?

If you are unfamiliar with the lesson of Mr. Yacub, then become familiar with it. He brought into existence an unalike people. They were set to rule for a specific amount of time. That time is over. There can only be one people who may administer the Kingdom of Almighty Allah God.

The people that have been made new are you, Afrodescendants, through forced mixed breeding and rape. We know our adversary as well as he knows us, but we also know it is time to go away from him and her.

What kind of mind will destroy another person as we have been destroyed by this insane desire to have dominion over another one?

To close, when you ask yourself the one simple question of if you wish to serve the slave masters children as our fore parents served their parents? This is truly the end of this civilization and you know it to be true. Come to the Afrodescendant Nation with your talents.

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