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How Do You Know Man Is God?

How do you know Man is God?

By Hasan Salaam

Do you know man is in fact, God? Do you believe it because the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said it? When you say “inshallah”. Are you saying if a spook God makes it happen? If a spook Allah fulfills my word. Do you truly know that God is Man?

If you spend any quality time around the Honorable Silis Muhammad. You will come to know man is God. He demands it. He knows it. If you have to pick him up at a certain time. You better not say “I will be there at 4 pm Inshallah.” He would say you are God. If you have to leave an hour early. Do it. You are God.

A few years ago at the Chicago temple. The Honorable Silis Muhammad said the Honorable Elijah Muhammad whipped the reality into him of man being God. He got verbally whipped by the Messenger. If he didn't do something correctly. The Messenger got on him.

He managed to the Messenger three bakeries in Chicago. He said he would be placing cakes and pies on the rack. When he turned around the Messenger would be right there. Now as someone still in a spook frame of mind. He said I never caught him entering the bakery. Did he just appear out of thin air? He said no that didn’t happen. Now mind you some Muslims. Who has not spiritually matured? They will keep you believing that he did appear out of thin air.

One time the Honorable Silis Muhammad was accused of something. He said, “Master Fard Muhammad had to know I didn’t do it.” The point is that Master Fard Muhammad didn’t come or snap his finger to make it better. There is no God but man.

He had to serve time for something he didn’t do. Sister Clara baked a cake and told the Honorable Silis Muhammad's wife to take it to her husband. While he was out the Messenger would ask Harriett Muhammad “How is he doing?” When his time was up. The Messenger said, “You don’t report to anyone but me.” He did and he said with the Supreme Captain there. He went and kissed the Messenger on told of his head.

Muslims it’s up to cut out all spooky parts of us. The Messenger said, “You were born and reared in spooky beliefs”. Wherever you see it in a Muslim. Cut it out of him. One last thought. I was speaking with a Captain from Atlanta. The Honorable Silis Muhammad used to play golf. It was his way of getting exercise. A young F.O.I. said to the Captain. “I bet the Honorable Silis Muhammad never misses a put playing.” The Captain stopped him and I’m paraphrasing. Brother don’t be spooky. If he never misses. He would be a pro. I commend the Captain for correcting and putting the young brother on the right path.

God is Man. Prove it to yourself. A lot of Muslims are spooky because the officers didn't correct them or the officers were still spooky.


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