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Afrodescendant Unity Begins in the Nation's Capitol

Afrodescendant Unity Begins in the Nation's Capitol

By Attorney Malik Z. Shabazz

On July 2nd, an important meeting took place at the ELIFE Restaurant in Capitol Heights, MD convened on behalf of the Afrodescendant community. The meeting was facilitated by restaurant owner Dr. Baruch and Imam Akbar, long-time New Black Panther Party and Muslim advocate.

Our Mission is to unify Afrodescendants around the issues of self-determination, Human Rights and reparations for the development of a Nation with peace and liberty through fair, equitable and just laws.

The purpose of the meeting was to assess the possibilities of a united front of action on critical issues facing the Afrodescendant community, including Reparations, violence, Black business development, Black male empowerment, and self-determination.

Attorney Malik Shabazz, a long-time organizer and national civil rights attorney, pledged to use his skills to unite regional leaders in a regular program of inspiration and action to address what he called "the crisis in the DMV area". Shabazz announced that an opening "Unity Night" rally will take place at the same location on Tuesday, August 6th. He said the DC Area ADN (Afrodescendant Nation) operations being established here will serve as a model for ADN community organizing around the nation. "We will have to win this war on the ground, by organizing Black people for self-determination around the critical issues they face, in pursuit of full and complete Reparations," Shabazz declared.

Minister Najee Muhammad, the Chief Minister for the Honorable Silis Muhammad, also spoke at the meeting. Saliah Muhammad, the 31-year-old daughter of Minister Najee, gave an impassioned plea in support of the National Plebiscite (Ballot) for Reparations and identity, as well as the ADN national Reparations Sanctions Campaign.

This meeting represents an important step towards unifying the Afrodescendant community in the DMV area and using grassroots organizing to advance the critical issues of Reparations, economic empowerment, and self-determination. Muhammad Speaks News will continue to follow this story as the Afrodescendant Unity movement gains momentum.


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