Police Murders

The murder of Tamir Rice a 12 year old boy in Cleveland, Ohio, murdered by a policemen deemed to be too unstable to handle a firearm by his previous police department is one of the most egregious murders in recent history.
The justification of this child's murder by the prosecutor is unconscionable even by America's standards.
Tamir never had a chance, as he was murdered no questions asked as the police pulled up to him.  The prosecutor had the gall to say Tamir was big for his age, so that's why the police did not think he was a child. 

The message sent is very clear and chills the heart of every Black person in America as it sends the message that no Black child is safe here from the racist brutality of police. 

This page is dedicated to the young Black Lives that are being killed daily i n the streets of America.  Muhammad Speaks will begin listing the names of those mercilessly killed by police.  Please feel free to add the names in your city or state so we may compile a list in hopes of getting justice for our people.  Also include those of our people that have been murdered under 'mysterious' circumstances, such is the recent lynching of Otis Byrd in Mississippi.