Muhammad Speaks Online contains full issues of the Muhammad Speaks Newspaper. Before purchase you can click the edition to the right and sample the first 2 pages of the paper. When purchased you will be able to download the full PDF version, for your reading enlightenment.The online news category also gives up to date information on current affairs in our communities, cultural engagements, Reparations rallies, and the latest fight for our Human Rights.

13th Edition

"Fall Inn"

16th Edition

The Biggest Lie Ever Believed

14th Edition

Slave Masters Pay Reparations

16th Edition

We Cant Breathe!

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8th Edition

Afro-decendents Economic Stimulus plan.

12th Edition

"I've been waiting on this day all my life"

10th Edition

First oral argument.

9th Edition

Black power conference calls for "Unity"

11th Edition

In memory of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad

17th Edition

"Open Letter" The blue Print

for Afrodescendants