Reparations, We Don't Have To Go Back To Slavery!

With all of the recent attention and recording of the violence and blatant murder being committed by so-called law enforcement, a demand for reparations is not only fair, but is necessary. The atrocities committed against black people are numerous. A few that come to mind post-slavery are: Jim Crow, Separate but Unequal, home owner discrimination, gentrification of our neighborhoods, the using of our babies as alligator bait, and white “researchers” continuously being funded for and profiting off of diseases that disproportionately affect black people. I will provide a particular case in the following paragraph.

Allow me to go back to 1920 when the Tuskegee Experiment began, which purposefully and knowingly was backed by the United States government. Syphilis was being given to black men for over 50 years, (the truth did not come out until 1972) through what are now known as “clinical trials”. The men were injected with the disease and were not told about its effects, including how any children that these men fathered could be born with the disease. Consequently, many black babies were born blind, and the subjects were just told that they had “bad blood”. (Gilbert, Sawyer and McNeill. Health Education, 4th ed.) The clinical trial that was this Syphilis experiment was abandoned when funding ceased and the government knew about it. During Bill Clinton’s term of presidency, the ex-president apologized for the government’s wrong doing and assigned a task force for policing these type of trials. By the time this occurred, there was but one lone survivor of the experiment. The task force or “watch dog” was and is a weak form of action that still does not address any form of reparation for the victims and their families. It simply is a way of saying: This should not happen again, because clinical trials will be better regulated.

Every time a Caucasian person says or insinuates that we should “get over it, it happened a long time ago”, remind them of these atrocities that were committed and are still being committed every day. Since we and our children MUST learn the history of America and about the holocaust and their survivors, everyone should be told the dirty truth of America’s past and present shameful acts that are inhumane and not just apologize in writing or with words, but do so monetarily and with resources. We are the only ones who will stand up for us, we cannot expect a group of people who are benefiting from our suffering, be it past or present to do anything without being forced to do so.

The time for marching and singing and praying is over. We have tried to love our oppressors for centuries and if it has not worked by now, there is never going to be a time where “we shall overcome” will work. The best avenue for justice is to demand reparations NOW and for us to put aside our differences and show unity amongst ourselves.

Respectfully submitted,

Your sister in truth,

Amira Karriem

News Articles

The Coronation of Queen Misshaki Muhammad of the Afrodescendant Nation

By Senator Raushana Karriem

February 25, 2012 marked a historic epoch in our history, as the descendants of chattel slaves raised one of our women to the position of Queen of the Afrodescendant Nation.

Queen Misshaki Muhammad was crowned by her husband, the Honorable Silis Muhammad, the monarch of the Afrodescendant Nation.

The crowning of the Queen completes the edict of the Constitution of the Afrodescendant Government that mandates a monarchy.

The coronation of Queen Misshaki was held at the beautiful, serene Pristine Chapel that is sequestered by a lake in Jonesboro, Georgia.

Guests from across the country came to behold this magnificent, splendid and awe-inspiring occasion.

President Ajani Mukarram, of the Afrodescendant Nation, presided over the ceremony. He announced the government officials of the Afrodescendant Nation as they walked in procession into the ostentatious hall.

The Vice President of the Afrodescendant Nation, Ishmael Abdul-Salaam, led the procession holding a sword, which symbolizes the protection of the Afrodescendant Nation. He was followed by the Supreme Court Justices, dressed in black, and then by the members of the Senate and House of Representatives.

Queen Misshaki was presented the Holy Qur’an by Minister of Defense Najee Muhammad, of Washington D.C. This symbolizes her protection of the Islamic principles on which the Afrodescendant Nation stands. She was also given a golden scepter, which is a symbol of her authority.

Lastly, she knelt on a special white cushion, and the royal, jeweled crown was placed on her head, by the Honorable Silis Muhammad.

Tears fell from the men, women, and children, alike, to behold the exalting of Queen Misshaki, a descendant of slaves whose ascendancy raises Black Womanhood as a whole. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, wrote that “No Nation can raise above its woman.” Black, since our capture into slavery, have been debased throughout the world.

The Coronation of Queen Misshaki is the prophetic sign of Black female ascendancy, thus raising the Afrodescendant Nation into a position that will be recognized throughout the civilized world.

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