Black Lives Matter

Here in 2015 we are witnessing wholesale slaughter of Black people by police as well as civilians.  Blacks are increasingly becoming scared to go about their daily activities be it, driving, walking, or going to church. The fear is almost becoming palpable.  Donna Brazile, the outstanding political operative, who headed Al Gore's presidential campaign, nearly broke down in tears on national television as she explained her fear for her 3 nephews who live in South Carolina after the murders of the 9 members of the AME Church.

Her fear for her nephews safety is felt by many Black families who wonder if their love ones will return home safely after going about their daily routine of living.  The fear that they will be killed by police, who are almost never punished for the crimes they do 'under the color of authority' or by any white person, who feels their country is being taken from them, or is under any other delusion.

A 12 year old child with a pellet gun in Cleveland, shot down by police with no questions asked, and the policeman that did it claiming he felt in fear of his life.  A 20 year old young man in Smyrna, Georgia at his job, shot down by police, who said they were in fear of their lives, and the autopsy showing he was shot in the back. A young man in Valdosta, Georgia found dead, and beaten rolled up in a gym mat, and his death ruled an accident.

Nine people attending the Wednesday night bible study which is a tradition in the South, murdered in cold blood by a stranger they opened their arms to, and shared bible verses with.  

A North Carolina church burned in the wee hours of the morning.  

There is no end to this carnage and murder of Black people, since our kidnapping from our homeland and bondage in America.

The Honorable Silis Muhammad, in his letter the 'Blueprint' to President Obama, asked for Reparations and safe passage out of America to those who no longer want to suffer under this oppression.

Join us and demand your Reparations by signing the Reparations Petition on this website.

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